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Our Prescription for Fleas
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    Either NyGuard Plus
    or Flea Fix
    These two are
    all you need.
    Pick one Just in Case
    NyGuard Plus
    Carpet Spray

    - gets all four flea stages
    Archer Insect
    Growth Regulator

    - stops the eggs and larvae but does not kill the adults
    Frontline PLUS
    - if it is all you use

    - stops the itching NOW
    Flea Fix Insect
    Growth Regulator

    - stops the eggs and larvae but does not kill the adults
    Conquer Flea
    and Tick Insecticide Spray

    - Kills adult insects
    - if you are using Archer, Flea Fix or Demize
    Herbal Oils

    - keeps fleas off the pets when going out ~~ Back Ordered at this time

    FLEAS? Never Again! offers the best products available to solve your flea problems and to keep them from ever coming back.

    If you currently have adult fleas, we recommend a three pronged attack -- pets, house and yard.

    All of our flea prevention starts with Insect Growth Regulators. Breaking the cycle is the secret to total flea eradication. So, we start with putting down an IGR and then it is only a matter of killing the current adult fleas to finish the job.

    FLEAS? Never Again!
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    To order by phone: 1-800-658-6699 toll free
    Inquiries: (512) 280-1881
    8708 Grelle Lane, Austin TX 78744

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