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    Dogs Shampoo
    Flea Shampoo

    The real secret to ending your flea problems is to use an Insect Growth Regulator in the environment to stop all flea eggs and larvae from developing into adults. Flea jumping on poor dog

    But if your pets currently have fleas, we understand that you want to kill them NOW!

    Most people prefer to use a topical treatment on their dog or cat. The best known are Frontline and Advantage

    The products below are here to help you further in your battle against fleas on your pets.

    FLEAS, Dogs, Cats, Dogs


    Pug animation Pet Agree Shampoo
    A soothing, emollient shampoo. Contains the maximum hydrocortisone allowed by law (0.5%). Has a rich lather and fresh fragrance.

    Specifically formulated to help relieve itching, scratching, and inflammation associated with pet allergies. For dogs, cats, horses, etc.

    Uses advanced technology called Dermaspheres, a patented process that micro-encapsulates active components and causes them to attract and adhere to skin. A breakthrough in topical treatment for cats and dogs.  Dermaspheres increases effectiveness by helping the medication get to, and stay on, the affected areas.

    • Smells fresh and clean

    • Leaves coat soft and manageable

    • Great in conjunction with PetRelief Anti-Itch Spray Plus Hydrocortisone

    Corti-Care Anti-Itch Shampoo, 8 oz ~~ $6.95 Click Here to Order Shampoo

    Corti-Care Anti-Itch Spray Plus Hydrocortisone, 4 oz ~~ $9.95
    Click Here to Order Shampoo
    This Hydrocortisone Spray is perfect for the medicine cabinet, for poison ivy, insect bites, and anything else that makes you itch!

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