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    Kristull Borzoi and
    Silken Windhounds

    Hounds Born of the Wind

    The home of 209 Champions, all owner and/or breeder handled!

    International, American, Canadian, Mexican Champion
    Kristull Hhigh Voltage
    (Ch. Vorenoff Kyril Tolkaia C.D. (Dutch Import)
    Int. Amer. Mex. Ch. Kristull Ffuture Shock Fld. Ch. L.C.M.)
    We don't usually spend much time talking about ourselves, but the fact is, we could not have set the records with our dogs that we did without the use of the products and program that is offered right here on these pages.

    You see, in 1986, the Kristull Borzoi Kennel got to be a test case for Torus, the first indoor-outdoor Insect Growth Regulator. It is embarrassing, but it is true that our fleas and ticks were SO bad that they couldn't have found anybody better to test the product.

    It wasn't like we hadn't used everything that we could think of. Our place was a toxic waste dump, and I am surprised that we didn't glow at night. I had been desperate enough that I had spread out Diazanon granules and hosed it in with Dursban! I filled a pump sprayer with diluted rubbing alcohol to spray down the dogs. When they got wet, the water was colored red by the flea specks left in their coats. We sprayed, we poisoned, we misted, we bombed, we fogged, we bathed, we applied Spotton for cattle and pigs, and then we bought a flame thrower to singe the ticks out of the tree bark and nearly burned down the house!

    We quit showing at the dog shows because the flea allergies had destroyed the coats on our wonderful friends. I remember going to one of our last shows and when my dog got up, there were ticks and fleas running everywhere on the concrete slab where he had been sleeping. I couldn't stand it anymore.
    Ch. Kristull

    Kristull Ingot, a lovely Silken Windhound
    What was I doing wrong? Nothing. There were no choices back then. The only thing offered was to use more and stronger insecticides, but they weren't working any longer. The fleas seemed to be immune to Dursban and Diazanon. They had started laughing at Sevin Dust years before, and they took baths in Malathion.

    Debs Smallworld Taurus, a lovely
    Silken Windhound puppy
    The government forced the manufacturer to take Chlorodane off the market because it stayed in the soil for years and years, and then the only thing left was Lindane. There HAD to be something better.

    Surprisingly enough, the new Insect Growth Regulators were not developed for fleas at all, but for fire ants. It was first sold as Logic Fire Ant Bait, where the workers would take it down to the queen, she would eat it and her eggs would never hatch. Within 30 days, the current workers would have worked themselves to death with no new generations to take over and help them out. The queen died of neglect, and best of all -- NO poisons were spread in the soil! What a wonderful concept!

    In the late 80's the company finally came out with a liquid form of Insect Growth Regulator designed to be used to fight fleas. It was called Torus and we were told to spray it out on our land and in the house and see what happened. What happened? Nothing -- at first. Since we didn't use an insecticide with it (remember we are supposed to be testing the IGR only) the adult fleas were still there.

    Then, I remember about a month later, we got up and my husband said, "It seems like we used to have fleas out here." I started looking and he was right. The old fleas had died out and, with no new generations taking their place, there were no more fleas on our dogs! And the ticks were gone too!

    Flies, mosquitoes, lice, mites and cockroaches are all affected by the IGR's that stop the eggs and larvae from developing. Now, it won't touch spiders and scorpions, Flea jumping on poor dog because they don't go through a larval stage. But at the same time, it won't harm your plants, dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, kids or yourself because none of those go through a larval stage. It is absolutely species specific and non-toxic. It doesn't even kill fleas, it just won't let them change phase and they die as eggs or larvae without ever advancing to the biting adult stage.

    That was in 1988. For the last decade, we have used the Insect Growth Regulators, Torus and then Archer, to keep fleas from returning to our kennel and home. Even when we moved in 1992, we went in a couple of weeks ahead of time, sprayed with the IGR's and cleared the new place of fleas AND fire ants before we even moved in. It can be done and it is not as hard as you think. Jump in there, do it right the first time and see what it is like to never have fleas again!

    So, if you are reading this, then you probably have fleas and are ready to get rid of them permanently like we did.
    Ch. Kristull
Ssatin Butterfly LCM

    Ch. Kristull
    Ssatin Butterfly
    Lure Courser of Merit

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