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    Flea Fix

    (Frequently Asked Questions about Archer and Flea Fix)

    How does an 
IGR work? An Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) breaks the flea lifecycle by preventing a young flea from growing normally, into the next phase -- a biting, breeding adult.

    The first IGR to come out was Precor. It did a wonderful job of interrupting the flea life cycle in the house, but it breaks down rapidly in sunlight. So it didn't complete the job of getting rid of fleas in the whole environment.

    Program pills for dogs and cats is technically an IGR. The chemical in the pet's bloodstream stops the baby fleas from being able to hatch out of the egg. This, however, is its downfall. With Program, the flea has to bite the pet, AND CONTINUE TO CHEW ON THE PET for the rest of its life, to be effective.

    Archer and FleaFix are third generation IGR's that work in the environment. There is no need to feed chemicals to the pets, and they don't easily break down in sunlight. This is true long term control. No flea can reproduce on your property for months at a time either indoors or outdoors. We use Archer because it is so much more economical, but if you have just a small area, then FleaFix is just as good of a choice.

    When should I 
apply ARCHER? The IDEAL time to treat your environment is before you have fleas. The second best time is RIGHT NOW.

    How much archer should I use?
    ARCHER comes in a 16 ounce tip-and-measure bottle. You mix one ounce of ARCHER in one gallon of water in a pump sprayer. This will easily cover 1500 square feet indoors and in kennel runs. It does not go nearly as far outdoors. We recommend 7-8 ounces in a normal sized back yard.

    Will ARCHER harm my pets, plants or furniture? NO. ARCHER stops the eggs and larvae from developing in those insects that go through a larval stage. It does not even kill adult fleas. Although it affects such insects as fleas, ticks, lice, mites, cockroaches and fire ants, it will not harm spiders or scorpions because they don't go thorough a larval stage. Similarly, the active ingredient, pyriproxyfen, will not affect squirrels, birds, puppies, kittens, kids or yourself. It is non-toxic once it dries. ARCHER does not stain carpets or furniture and is practically odor-free. Be sure to treat under the furniture, in closets, and under the cushions of upholstered furniture, anywhere that flea eggs and larvae might have been left or moved to.

    Can I mix ARCHER with my insecticide? Yes. ARCHER has no problem being combined with other liquids. In fact, we have an advanced level pyrethrin called Conquer that is actually approved for use in the food areas of schools and hospitals because it breaks down so rapidly in our environment. So, feel free to apply the insecticide and Archer at the same time. Be sure to follow all instructions and cautions listed with any insecticide.

    I've used Precor before in the house and love it. How is ARCHER different? Pyriproxyfen (IGR) does not degrade in direct sunlight like the earlier IGR, methoprene. This means long-lasting flea control in brightly lit rooms and rooms sunlit through open windows. Obviously, Precor is not designed to be used outdoors, but in the house, and outdoors is where much of the flea development typically takes place. This gives Archer a tremendous advantage over the old first-generation IGR, Precor.

    I heard about Program. How does it differ? cartoon cat Program is an interesting product that came on the market several years ago. Its active ingredient is lufenuron, which prevents the formation of chitin (pronounced KY-tin). When a larva needs to break out of the egg, it uses an egg tooth made of chitin. Program is given to the dog or cat orally where it is absorbed and enters the bloodstream. The blood is ingested by the female flea when the flea bites the dog and as the egg is produced, it causes the dysfunction in chitin formation and the ultimate inability of the egg to hatch.

    Program, cartoon cat was originally a prescription product, sold by veterinarians only, but is considered over-the-counter now. For it to be truly effective, every pet in the household should be given an appropriate dosage every month. Unfortunately, if the flea bites an untreated animal like a squirrel or neighborhood cat, it can lay perfectly healthy eggs within three days. If your animals are isolated, the flea population should eventually diminish with the use of Program. But we no longer carry it, since it cannot compare with the newest generation of IGR's like Archer and Flea Fix.

    There is no conflict between ARCHER and Program. Since ARCHER, however, protects the property from flea infestation, there should be no reason to use other forms of flea prevention, even Program.

    There is no conflict between ARCHER and Program. Since ARCHER however, protects the property from flea infestation, there should be no reason to use other forms of flea prevention, even Program.

     What other steps should I take? pointer dog ARCHER is an Insect Growth Regulator. If you currently have adult fleas, we have the products to stop them as well. After one last application of both Archer AND an insecticide to kill of the adult fleas, it will be necessary to use only an IGR since no new fleas will be hatching on your property and it will not be reinfested. An Insect Growth Regulator is truly the answer to the question: FLEAS? Never Again!

    NOTE: After application of ARCHER, be sure to leave the grass clippings the next couple of times that you mow the lawn. The ARCHER is bonded to them, they become part of the dirt layer and that is where the eggs and larvae are.

     What if adult fleas enter the home after it's been treated? The adult flea will either die of old age, or the pet may be treated with a topical treatment (we recommend Frontline) as necessary. Pets can bring adult fleas in to the home after it has been treated, but no fleas will hatch from any eggs laid, so the house will not be reinfested.

    So, what do you need? For the first application, you will need an insecticide for the lawn AND Archer. Demize does both jobs in the house. Frontline is great on both dogs and cats. For all subsequent applications (two or three times per year), use Archer!

    FLEAS? Never Again!
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