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    There are lots of other products that you could choose to use in your yard, but the combination of Archer and Conquer are the best and most economical that we have found.

    It is what we would use right now to get rid of fleas.

    In six months, you use just the Archer Insect Growth Regulator alone and NO insecticides, because you won't have fleas.

    Grass The yard is an important part of our three pronged attack on fleas. Even if you treat the house and your pet, if fleas are still hatching in the yard, you will have fleas!

    To stop fleas from hatching on your property, use the Insect Growth Regulator,Archer. To kill already existing adult fleas and stop them from coming back formonths at a time, use Conquer or another adulticide AND Archer.

    Insect Growth Regulator

    Is the basis of our Flea Prevention Program. Without using an indoor/outdoorIGR, you are just spreading poisons and wasting money on all of the otherproducts Click here to learn more than you ever wanted to knowabout IGR's.


    Archer IGRGrass
    At last, we have an Insect Growth Regulator
    that stops larval insects in their tracks!

    And it is non-toxic!

    And it doesn't break down in sunlight!

    ARCHER comes in a convenient "tip and measure" 16 ounce

    You simply mix one ounce with a gallon of water in a pump sprayer.
    This will easily cover 1,500 square feet indoors and in kennels and

    Outdoors, it doesn't break down in sunlight --
    we have found that it takes eight to ten ounces to do a typical back

    Concentrate where the dogs spend their time and you can break
    your flea cycle, too!

    Archer Insect Growth Regulator ... $79.95 Click Here to Order Archer

    Conquer is a new Residual Insecticide Concentrate with the active ingredient of Esfenvalerate. It controls numerous pests in and around structures. It is recommended for Commercial and Industrial use. It is great for use in and around the home and food and non-food areas of: Schools, Office Buildings, Kennels, Food Processing Plants. It is specifically for use on Lawns to Kill Fleas AND Ticks. Grass
    Conquer Insecticide
    • Kills fleas
    • Kills ticks including the deer ticks that carry and transmit Lyme Disease
    • One 16 ounce bottle treats 48,000 square feet of yard
    • Use 1 ounce per 3,000 square feet
    • Easy to use, just add "Archer" (see above) for COMPLETE outdoor control of fleas!
    Conquer 16 ounce Insecticide ...$32.95 Click Here to Order Archer

    For outdoor use, we recommend a hose end sprayer, you know, the jar that screwson the end of the hose. Put in two ounces of Archer and one ounce of Conquer per3,000 sq feet or so and fill the jar with water. Then spray it out until it is all gone and stay off of it until it dries.That will treat the yard. You can buy these sprayers easily at the garden center of HomeDepot or WalMart.

    For in the house, it is two ounces of Archer and one ounce of GrassConquer per 3,000 sq. feet in a pump sprayer. Pump up the pressure, press thebutton on the little wand and apply a fine mist. Stay off of it until it dries.
    Type in "bug sprayer" or "garden sprayer" for a good garden pump sprayer.

    FLEAS? Never Again!
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